Futures are financial contracts for underlying assets, such as stocks, market indices, currencies or commodities. Underlying assets are bought or sold at an agreed price today, for a set date in the future. Investors can buy or sell futures on the HKEX with a margin deposit that only partly covers the value of the contract. Using leverage can increase the gains as well as losses. When the price of the underlying asset moves against your view and the market value of your margin account drops below the margin requirement, a margin call from your broker will be triggered, by which you will have to put in additional cash or securities to cover the shortfall of your margin deposit. Therefore, the loss can exceed the deposit you paid. Through SDG Securities (HK), clients can trade Hang Seng Index Futures (HSI), Min-Hang Seng Index Futures(Mini-HSI), Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI) futures and Mini Hang Seng China Enterprises Index. We are dedicated to ensuring clients can manage portfolio risk and capture returns opportunities.