Our Services
SDG Securities (HK) Limited provides Hong Kong Securities and Futures trading service . Clients can place orders via our manned telephone trading hotline, online trading platform and mobile application.
  • Ordering Method
    Manned phone ordering, online trading platform and mobile application
  • Order Confirmation
    Once an order is placed, we will confirm the result of the transaction as soon as possible. Clients who use our online trading services can click on “transaction status” to check whether their orders are executed successfully. For clients who use phone ordering, they will receive a reply by phone as to whether their order is executed successfully from our trader.
  • Settlement Date
    2 days after trading date (T+2)
  • Settlement Procedure
    i.) For phone ordering, client funds must be deposited into the account for settlement before the settlement date (T+2). If clients place orders through our online trading platform, they must make sure there are sufficient funds for settlement before placing orders or else the system will refuse to place the orders.
    ii.) Funds received after positions are closed can be used immediately.
    iii.) Trades are settled at T+2.
  • Daily and Monthly Statements
    i.) Daily statement: Clients will receive a daily statement summarizing the account activities, e.g. buying and selling of stocks and funds deposits, on the next business day.
    ii.) Monthly statement: We provide our clients with a monthly statement in the first week of each month. This monthly statement summarizes transactions including securities trading, deposits and other account activities in the past month.