Cybersecurity Tips

SDG Securities (HK) Limited (“SDGS”) urges our customers to be more vigilant about the cybersecurity and pay attention to the cybersecurity tips and Information provided by our company to keep your online transaction safe.  

1. Computer Security

Ø  Please download our company's trading software through the hyperlink provided in our company's website at .

Ø  Do not download or install any untrusted software or open files from unsolicited sources.

Ø  Ensure the anti-virus software up and running at all times, and up to date.

Ø  Stay vigilant against suspicious email senders and email subjects, and do not download file attachment or click on hyperlinks from suspicious senders.

Ø  Use the saved password setting of the browser or trading system with caution. 

2. Cyber ​​security

Ø  Please log in to our online trading platform through the hyperlink in our company's website at  to conduct online trading transactions.

Ø  When encountering a suspicious or untrusted website hyperlink, you should leave the website.

Ø  Be sure to bookmarks frequently used websites to reduce the need to connect from search engines or other websites.

Ø  Use uncertain public networks with caution.

Ø  Be cautious to log in to your online trading account using computers in public places or other people's mobile devices. Log off when you leave the place.  

3. Password security

Ø  Keep personal information and passwords properly to prevent identity theft.

Ø  Use a more complex password. It is recommended to use at least 8  mixed uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and symbols, and avoid using common words.

Ø  Use different passwords for different accounts.

Ø  Change your account password regularly, for example at least every 90 days.

4. Transaction security

Ø  Check the email or mobile notification sent to you immediately to verify the trading transaction information.

Ø  For any update of client information, please notify our company immediately to ensure a proper delivery of transaction notifications and other information, etc.

Ø  Please check your account statement regularly for unknown or suspicious transactions.

Ø  If there is any abnormality, please contact our customer service department at +852 2825 5030. 

Please visit the following links for further information:

Ø  Hong Kong Monetary Authority


Ø  The Information Security website of HKSAR Government


Ø  Hong Kong Police Force