Account Opening
  • a. What kind of services can I choose in SDG?

    i.) Securities Trading services

  • b. What kind of trading account does SDG provide?

    i.) Custodian Account

    Customer can trade Hong Kong securities, and the transaction amount will be deducted from your cash custodian account; after the securities are sold, the receivables will be automatically deposited into your cash custodian account for future use. Customer can also place order via online trading platform; however, order can only be placed when there is sufficient cash balance or sufficient shares of stock.

    ii.) Margin Account

    Customer can trade Hong Kong securities through margin financing, and depending on the collateral value of individual securities, trading may not require full payment on the settlement date. Customer can also place order via online trading platform; however, order can only be placed when there is sufficient purchasing power.

  • c. How can I open an account in SDG?

    i.) Other than visiting our office in person, the customers are also welcome to open an account online. For details, please refer to the account opening process.

Cash Deposit / Cash Withdrawal
  • a. Ways for fund deposit?

    i.) You can deposit money via Internet banking or by cheque via bank counter.

  • b. Do I need to contact SDG after fund deposit?

    i.) Customers should fill in the Fund Deposit Form together with the relevant supporting document, fax it to (852) 2865 0830 or email to

  • c. What is the bank account number of SDG?

    i.) Account Name: SDG Securities (HK) Limited

    ii.) Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

    Bank Account Number:

    HKD 012 875-2-005737-6

    RMB 012 875-2-005736-3

    USD 012 875-2-005738-9

    FPS ID  162508360

  • d. How can I withdraw money from my account?

    i.) If the client wants to transfer funds from his/ her securities account to client’s registered bank account, he/ she should fill in the fund withdrawal form with his signature to make withdrawal request via email or fax to our Customer Service Officer. Instruction given before 11:00am will be proceed on the same business day, otherwise, they will be processed on the next business day.

Hong Kong Stocks
  • a. How long does the trading order last?

    i.) Your trading order will only be valid within the trading day after the entry, and the trading order that failed to be successfully paired will be cancelled.

  • b. Is the newly opened account required to deposit enough cash to trade securities?

    i.) New customers must deposit sufficient cash for the first transaction

    Please be reminded that cheque deposit requires its clearance before the first order can be placed.

  • c. My account does not have any securities or cash. Can I purchase securities first and then cash in?

    i.) No, client’s account must have a certain percentage of the cash deposit upfront before any transactions.

  • d. What is a margin account?

    i.) A margin account refers to an account that is traded by deposit or margin. Investors need to deposit cash in the margin account to purchase securities with more than the value of the deposit through the account. The investment balance was advanced by SDG Securities, but the relevant securities must be deposited with SDG Securities as collateral.

  • e. Under what circumstances will I receive a margin call?

    i.) Customer would receive our margin call if stock marginable value falls below the amount borrowed. If the customer fails to pay the deposit or provide more collateral in time, SDG Securities has the right to exercise forcing liquidation of some or all of the positions (short positions) without prior notice to offset the outstanding deposit.

  • a. What is IPO?

    i.) IPO refers to the first time a company or institution issues new shares to public investors to raise funds.

  • b. How to subscribe for new shares?

    i.) Non-company customers need to open a new securities account before they can subscribe for new shares.

    ii.) Customers of the company can subscribe for new shares by telephone or online.

  • c. What is IPO margin financing?

    i.) By using margin financing services, customers can borrow 90% of the credit to subscribe for new shares with a 10% deposit.

  • d. How to apply IPO margin financing?

    i.) Customers can apply margin financing via phone or online

  • e. How to calculate the margin financing interest?

    i.) Margin interest will be calculated from the closing day of subscription until the trading day before the listing date, clients are required to pay the margin interest on the full amount of margin loan regardless of how many shares have been successfully allotted.

  • f. When can I get the refund if my subscription is not successful?

    i.) Fund will be credited to customer’s securities account on the first day of listing